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Choose The Best BBQ Grills And Accessories For A Great Picnic

When talking about great food, BBQ never out of fashion. The taste of BBQ has made many people run out and get grills. Having a great barbeque will allow for you not only to have a great meal but to also have a great time with friends and family. When you plan on having a BBQ you will need to have the proper Ceramic Kamado Grills and BBQ accessories to make your BBQ great and not to have any probl...

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what is kamado

A kamado is a traditional Japanese wood or charcoal fueled cook stove. The name kamado is, in fact, the Japanese word for “stove” or “cooking range”. Literally, it means “place for the cauldron”. A movable kamado called "mushikamado" came to the attention of Americans after the Second World Warand is now found in the US as a Kamado style cooker or Barbecue grills. The mush...

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