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Modern Kamado grill

Modern Kamado grill
what is kamado

A kamado is a traditional Japanese wood or charcoal fueled cook stove. The name kamado is, in fact, the Japanese word for “stove” or “cooking range”. Literally, it means “place for the cauldron”. A movable kamado called "mushikamado" came to the attention of Americans after the Second World Warand is now found in the US as a Kamado style cooker or Barbecue grills. The mushikamado is a round clay pot with a removable domed clay lid and was typically found in Southern Japan.

Modern Kamado grill brands you might be familiar with include The Big Green EggKamado JoePrimo Ceramic Grills, and Grill Dome Vision Grill etc. These grills use a combination of high temperature ceramics, terracotta, and crushed lava rock to create a grill that can withstand temperatures in excess of 750F without cracking from extreme heat or temperature fluctuations.

The primary advantage of a Kamado style grill is the fact that they’re so incredibly versatile. Try to find another type of grill that not only allows you to grill, but also to smoke low and slow (my personal favorite), bake, high-temp sear (just like famous steak houses), and even cook wood-fired pizza in much the same way your local pizzeria does. Between all these different cooking methods available at your fingertips, you have a near countless number of ways to prepare various types of food.

In addition, modern Kamados are fueled by lump charcoal which has been proven to burn hotter and for longer periods of time making it ideal for smoking large cuts of meat at low temperatures. Lump charcoal also produces much less ash than standard charcoal briquettes allowing for greater air flow and thus producing a longer-lasting heat source. Because of this and their uncanny ability to preserve heat, Kamados can run for as long as 12 hours, completely unattended!

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