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Waterproof BBQ Rain Cover


Waterproof BBQ Rain Cover

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TOPQ Durable Smoker BBQ Grill Cover

TOPQ durable grill cover protect your Kamado bbq grill from the sun and elements all year long with the ceramic kamado Grill Cover. It features a custom fit and is constructed of a durable,and will not fade.


Material: PU

For 23" and 25’ Kamado : 


1. Size:52.4x52.4x28.7 inches(133*133*73CM)

2. N.W.: 0.6 KGS

For 20" and 21‘ Kamado 


1. Size:47.2x47.2x30.9 inches(120*120*78.5CM)

2. N.W.: 0.48KGS

For 15" Kamado 


1. Size:26.3x26.3x23.6 inches(67*67*60CM)

2. N.W.:0.23KGS

For 14" Kamado



1. Size:23.6x23.6x18.1 inches(60*60*46CM)

2. N.W.: 0.2 KGS



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